Dentures, Jewelry, And Clothing: What To Wear On Your First Skydiving Class

The decision to enroll in skydiving classes is usually not done on a whim. Preparation for the first class is important, and this extends beyond getting up enough courage to complete the jump. What people wear makes a huge difference in their comfort and safety. Here are some basic guidelines about how to leave home on jump day. 

Choosing the Wardrobe

Loose fitting, comfortable clothing is the recommended outfit for skydivers. Women should avoid skirts or dresses. Shorts are acceptable for anyone and popular with experienced skydivers during warm weather. Skydiving schools supply jumpsuits for their students, but people should still have on something comfortable underneath. Sneakers are the most common choice for footwear. Avoid any loose footwear that could slip off during the jump. 

Wearing Special Equipment

Hearing aids that are small and fit under the helmet comfortably may be okay, but it is a good idea to discuss the matter with an ENT first. If the helmet does not cover the device it could be lost. If the aids cannot be worn, the instructor should be told prior to boarding the plane. They have to know how to communicate with the student on the plane. It is usually recommended that anyone with cochlear implants avoid activities that could cause a sudden impact to the head. Skydiving is one of these activities. 

Glasses or contacts are both acceptable and wearing neither is also an option. The eyes are protected by goggles during the jump. Glasses may fog up while skydiving and contacts could dry out and pop out of the eye if there is any air entering around the goggles. Each jumper should wear what is the most comfortable for them. 

Dentures can fall out. Either remove them, keep the mouth closed or invest in very reliable denture adhesive. The skydiving company is not responsible for lost property during a fall and a set of lost dentures would make the lesson very expensive. 

Leave Jewelry Home

Any piece of jewelry is a potential hazard that could catch on something and lead to a serious injury. Leave all jewelry at home or use the lockers provided by the skydiving school to store the items safely while out on the dive. Even wearing helmets, gloves and jumpsuits will not necessarily prevent this type of incident. 

It is worth the effort to be cautious before an initial jump. Keep long hair tied up and out of the way. Discuss any special concerns like hearing or sight loss, use all of the safety equipment provided and pay attention to their instructions. Simple decisions, like tying shoes securely, will make the event safer and more enjoyable. 

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