Three Steps To Being The Impressive Friend On The Lake

There are fewer places to spend a beautiful summer than on a huge lake. Lake towns tend to become most lively during the summer and feature plenty to do on and off the water. If you and your friends and family plan to head out for a trip to your favorite big lake for the summer, you are sure to have plenty to do in order to have fun. If you are planning to make this the summer where you are the fun, party friend, there are several things that you can do in order to secure your position. Here are three ways to make sure you are the most fun and popular friend on the lake. 

Get a pontoon boat

While buying a boat may seem like a huge proposition, pontoon boats are a great buy for those who are going to be on the lake. Pontoon boats are affordable, especially if you purchase from pre owned boats. Pontoon boats have open seating that can accommodate a number of people, along with plenty of drinks and food. If you live in an arid climate or a particularly sunny place, you should get a pontoon boat that has a covering on top, to make sure that everyone can remain in the shade while on the lake. 

Bring in you drink collection

If you will be going on an adults trip, one of the things that you can do is bring some items from your drinks collection. This can be alcohol and it can be frappuccinos or specialty coffee. be sure to bring your best, most exotic wines or your frappuccino machine along with you to the boat. Designate yourself as the drink maker when you all get together in the mornings or for dinners. If you are located near the docks, you may also be able to bring your drinks out on the ocean for some fun while on the water. 

Bring competition equipment

There is no better way to have some fun in the sun than a healthy competition. Bring sports equipment along with you to have some fun on the lake. A volleyball along with a net that you can set up on the beach can lead to an impromptu game. If you and your friends prefer water sports, you can bring two canoes and a set of rowers for a friendly canoe racing game. Bringing along with games will make you the popular friend whenever you hit the shore. 

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