Parents' Guide To Keeping Kids Happy When Traveling In A RV

Traveling with children is a journey full of ups and downs. Sometimes, they are laid back and ready for the journey and the next minute they are screaming to get out of the RV. There are things you can do to keep your kids happy – no matter their age.

Consider an Upgrade

Have you had your RV for decades? If so, it's a great time to upgrade. RVs have transformed from the equivalent of a tent on wheels to luxury accommodations that can easily make you feel like you're at home. From more space for privacy and personal item storage to enhanced entertainment centers, including Wi-Fi access. With these upgrades, you can keep everyone happier in a newer RV.

Plan for Stops

If you're planning to travel a distance from home to your destination, leave plenty of time for stop. Particularly when it comes to younger children, an RV is spacious, but it's not like being out in the open. Don't put yourself on such a tight time schedule that you can't occasionally stop to take in some of the sights along the way and give everyone an opportunity to spread out and run a little.

Choose the Right Destinations

You might be an avid bird watcher, but if your teens hate it – you're not going to have an enjoyable trip. While you don't have to toss your wants to the side, you should try to choose a destination that offers something for everyone. For instance, a destination that offers great opportunities for you to see some new birds, but also offers a game center or swimming area nearby gives your family something to do while you're off enjoying yourself.

Bring Game Night

Bring your family's game night on the RV with you. Playing board games is a great way to keep school aged children occupied so that you aren't constantly asked whether or not you have arrived at your destination yet, which all parents know can start to feel overwhelming after a while. If you have multiple children, allow each child to choose one game to bring along with them. This way everyone is happy and feels a part.

When it comes to ensuring everyone is happy, but most importantly, your children, planning is very important. From the RV your family owns to the destination you will visit, the more thought you put into every detail, the more pleasant the experience for the entire family. Happy Camping! Visit an RV dealer, like Niemeyer RV Sales & Service, for more ideas.

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