Book A Series Of Vacation Rentals When You Travel With A Youth Sports Team

One of the challenges of managing a youth sports team is figuring out the logistics when you travel for tournaments. Unless you're traveling to a tournament that offers on-site, dorm-style accommodation for your team, you can find yourself booking several rooms at a hotel. This approach can often prove to be expensive, and there may also be other unfavorable issues that you encounter. If there are vacation rentals in the area of your tournament, this approach can be a viable option for lodging for your team. Here are a number of benefits that vacation rentals or private vacation homes will provide.

A Cost-Effective Option

One of the best things about booking a vacation rental is that it's generally more affordable than a hotel, in terms of price per person. Whereas you can only put so many people in a single hotel room — and you may get charged more for rooms with a higher occupancy — vacation rentals are often conducive to large groups of people. Whether the players' parents are chipping in for the travel accommodations or the money is coming out of the team budget, you'll typically need to spend less when you book one or more vacation rentals instead of perhaps a dozen or more hotel rooms.

Fewer Noise Concerns

Even if your team is well behaved, the reality is that whenever you get 20 adolescents staying in a hotel, it won't be a quiet experience. Pent-up energy from a long car trip, excitement over staying in new surroundings, and exuberance over a hard-fought win at the tournament mean that your team is unlikely to be quiet. You can expect some laughing and shouting, as well as plenty of running up and down the halls — even if you and the parent chaperones are constantly trying to keep the noise down. This can lead to noise complaints and issues with the hotel management, but when you rent a vacation rental, you'll be in your own building and noise won't generally be an issue.

Ease Of Food Preparation

You want your team to fuel up on healthy food before and after its games, but the cost of dining at healthy restaurants may mean that you find yourselves at fast-food establishments more often. If this concerns you, a vacation rental can be the perfect setting. The presence of a kitchen means that you and the parent chaperones can buy healthy food at local supermarkets and prepare it in the vacation rental to serve the team.

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