Getting Your Bike Ready For Winter

Avid cyclists don't let the wind, rain, ice, and snow of winter keep them sidelined, they get out there and own it! But riding in winter does require a bit of prep work on your part and outfitting your bike to deal with the rugged conditions. Here's what you need to know to get your bike ready.

Add Fenders

Without fenders, your wheels are going to kick up exhaust grime, water, and sand and salt from the roads. This means you're going to end up wet and cold, especially your backside. If you don't like the old-school look of fenders, at the very least get a mud guard to prevent getting a wet butt. You can get a smaller clip-on guard to use only when needed, but if you are going to be riding with others, it's best to either get the fenders or a longer mud guard to cut down on the overspray going in your riding partner's face. Mudguards will also help keep your feet dry, and if you carry gear or have a fanny pack, a mud guard or fenders are a must so your stuff doesn't end up coated in muck.

Get Protective Products

When you consider moisture and rain are bad for your bike's working components, these products aren't just for winter. Use coated and sealed cable systems to prevent rusting. Wrap your handlebars in bar tape to keep them from rusting. Put handlebar grips over the tape for extra added protection and to give you better control as you ride through the rough terrain of snow and ice. A raised texture on the handlebar grips can help gloved hands maintain their hold. Get a protective covering for your headset, seat post, and suspension parts as well.

Switch Out Your Tires

Riding your bike in the winter absolutely requires different tires. Using your regular tires can lead to skidding, and the last thing you want to do is slip, slide, and lose control of your bike, especially when the roadways are narrower in the winter. Avoid by disaster by switching to the right tire for your climate. You made just need to buy a fatter tire and lower the tire pressure, or you may need studded tires meant for icy conditions, or just a road tire meant for snow. Check with your local bike shop to see what they recommend for your area. Winter is also a good time to take your bike in for maintenance and any repair and ensure everything is well lubed for the winter.

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