4 Tips For Setting Up Your Ice Fishing Tip-Up

When you go ice fishing, you don't want to have to sit with your line the entire time. You want to be able to get somewhere warm, and you want to be able to be mobile to take care of the fish that you catch. That is why an ice fishing tip-up is a great tool to use. It allows you to keep your line in the water and signals you when a fish grabs ahold of your line. Here is how you can set up your tip-up.

#1 Create Your Hole

Before you set up your ice fishing tip-up, you need to drill your hole. You should use an auger to drill your hole. Make sure that you keep your hole small. It should not be wider in diameter than about a foot. You want to be able to pull a fish out of the hole, but you don't want to make the hole so large that you compromise other people's ability to safely drive and walk on the ice. Depending on the type of fish that you want to catch, you may not even need a hole that large. Smaller fish require a smaller hole. If the hole is too big, you will not be able to properly put up your tip-up.

#2 Set Up the Line

Once you have drilled your hole, you need to set up the line on your tip-up. Make sure that the type of line you are using is strong enough to hold your fish. You want to use a heavy test-line for fish. Increase the weight of the test line for larger sized fish. Put the line on the tip-up and tie an arbor knot around the fishing line.

#3 Use A Barrel Swivel

You should use a barrel swivel on your fishing line. A barrel swivel is great because it will ensure that your fishing line doesn't get twisted. The last thing you want to happens is to lose a fish because the line got all tangled up.

#4 Customize The Hook

The hook that you use on your tip-up should be customized to the type of fish that you are going after. If you are fishing in a new location, ask local fisher people about the best type of hooks and lures for the type of fish that you want to catch.

Finally, make sure that the color of your flag is bright so that you can see it from far away. A white or blue flag may disappear in with the landscaping. Use a neon color so that you will not have a problem spotting your flag and getting to it quickly when a fish bites your line. 

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