After School Activities For Your Teenager That Will Help Keep Them Physically Fit

An after school activity can be a great way to keep your child busy after classes are over and they can also be an excellent way to make sure they stay active. If you're concerned about your teenager sitting home on their computer all day after school, playing video games or texting their life away, then you should look into an after school activity that can get them into a much better space. You can find an after school activity that will be fun and engaging and cause them to be excited about something other than the virtual world of social media. Here's a few ideas to consider.

Classical Ballet Dance Class

If you have a teenager who is into dance, who likes watching dance shows on television, or who evens likes Instagram clips of dancers, then you have a great opening. You can introduce them to classical ballet. This is a great class for teenagers who want to learn how to do the moves that they love watching on television. Ballet is one of the fundamental dance styles, and by learning it, they will have a perfect foundation for all other sorts of dance moves. It's also a very energetic type of class. Your teenager will get a fantastic workout during the class, and it's fun so they won't even think of it as exercise.

Martial Arts

If you have a teenager who is not a big dance fan, you might consider a martial arts class. You can find one that is geared towards teenagers and does not involve full contact. Some of the classes include Taekwondo or Judo, both of which are Olympic events. You can even observe a class before you enroll your teenager so that you are comfortable with the style. And of course speak with the instructor before hand. You want to make sure your are choosing a class that is geared towards beginners.


If your teenager loves to swim, but their school does not have a pool, and there is no swim club, then you might want to enroll them at a local gym or private swim club that offers these classes. Swimming is one of the best excercises, it's amazing because it is zero impact, improves your cardio, and also tones your muscles, and it's also fun. Make sure to find a structured swim class so that it's not just spalshing around in a pool. So, pick one that goes over speed laps, different techniques (side breathing, etc.) so that there is structure to the class and your teenager will get something out of it.

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