Three Tips For Those New To Falconry

For those that enjoy spending time with birds, taking up falconry can be an excellent hobby to pursue. However, those that are new to this type of hobby will often be ill-prepared for what to expect from this type of activity. In order to help you be prepared for a smooth and enjoyable experience with falconry, there are several tips that should be followed.

Obtain The Correct Permit

There are some individuals that may be under the impression that it is illegal for individuals to own falcons. However, this is far from the case in most places. While it is usually legal for individuals to own these birds, there is a permitting process that will need to be followed to be in compliance with regulations and laws concerning these birds. Luckily, the permitting process is fairly simple, but if it is discovered that you have unlicensed falcons, you could face potentially serious fines and the birds may be confiscated.

Consider Using Radio Trackers

Falcons are trained to return to their handler during a hunt. This allows them to be used in hunting as they will bring their prey to their owner. While these birds will usually have no problem returning to their handler, there can be instances where they may become lost or otherwise fail to return. If individuals may the investment of using radio trackers with their falcon, they will be able to easily locate their bird in the event that it gets separated from them. These tracking systems can be relatively expensive to purchase, but they can allow individuals to potentially recover their birds within a matter of minutes or hours if the bird becomes lost.

Enroll In An Intro Training Course For Falconry

Falconry is a highly complicated and sophisticated hobby that can take a person many years to master. Unfortunately, many people that are interested in this hobby may only learn the basics. By exploring this topic in a comprehensive and thorough manner, individuals will be far better prepared to have an enjoyable experience owning these birds. For this reason, it can be extremely beneficial for individuals to enroll in a falconry training course. These courses will allow you to interact and learn from seasoned falconers. Furthermore, it can be an excellent opportunity to allow you to bond with and train your bird in a controlled and monitored environment. While there will likely be a commute for you to attend one of these courses, the benefits that they can provide will be worth the effort you may have to put forward.

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