2 Important Things To Know Before Flying To Florida To Hunt Blackbuck Antelope

Mounted antlers or heads are prized possessions for avid hunters. The blackbuck antelope has black twisted horns that can definitely stand out on any hunter's wall. However, to hunt blackbuck antelope, you generally have to travel to a hunting ranch as they can be difficult to find in most areas. In fact, according to Fish and Game online magazine, they are extremely difficult to find in the wild.

Fortunately, there are hunting ranches where blackbuck antelope roam, particularly in Florida. If you are planning a trip to fly to Florida to hunt blackbuck antelope, there are a few important things to understand regarding the firearm and ammunition you will be taking with you. 

1. Transporting Your Firearm & Ammunition

According to the Transportation Security Administration, you may transport firearms that are unloaded but only as checked-in baggage and only if they are in a locked container that is hard-sided. Ammunition can be placed inside the same container or in a separate locked, hard-sided container.

You will have to declare each firearm and the ammunition when you check your bags in with your airline. You should keep possession of the key to the locked container at all times while in transit. You may, however, be asked by a TSA agent to produce the key so the TSA agent can open the container. This should only be done in your presence. 

Important note: The case your firearm was purchased with may not be in compliance with TSA requirements. If you are not sure, contact TSA with the serial numbers of your firearm and the accompanying case to ask. 

2. Preparing for Inevitable Rainfall 

The climate in Florida is important to understand. From May through October, there is a definite rainy season as the heat each day build thundershowers that drop a heavy amount of rainfall, albeit for a brief amount of time. Since these rain events may occur during your hunting excursions, it's a good idea to know how your firearms operate when in inclement weather. 

Keep an eye on the weather forecast at home before your trip so you can plan an outing to an outdoor firing range while it's raining. That way, you can get an idea of how your firearm reacts when wet. Of course, you will need to call around to the outdoor firing ranges in your area to ask what their policies are regarding closing or staying open when it rains. 

For more information, contact your local blackbuck antelope hunting ranch.

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Mounted antlers or heads are prized possessions for avid hunters. The blackbuck antelope has black twisted horns that can definitely stand out on any