Getting Deer To Your Property: Key Tips

Rural property owners try to keep deer away from their land in many cases, but what if you want to attract deer to your yard? After all, deer are beautiful animals, and perhaps you are one of those people who consider them a captivating sight rather than a nuisance. If you love deer and are trying to bring them closer to your home, keep these key tips in mind.


Deer find a variety of plants attractive and will visit yards that contain specific species of plants more often than properties that do not. One of the most attractive plants for deer is hardy perennial, also known as cranesbill. Another good flowering plant for attracting deer is sea holly, which also has the advantage of being drought-resistant, in case you live in an area with minimal rain.

In addition to flowers, you can also grow certain shrubs and trees that deer like. For example, deer love the fruit of elderberry and snowberry. They also like persimmons, so planting a persimmon tree or two on your land is a great idea. You can also try cherry trees and plum trees, as deer love these as well.


Like all mammals, deer need water to survive. If you do not have a water source on your property, consider putting one in. Often, hunters will build ponds on a property to entice deer to their land. You can do the same, even though you just want to watch the deer rather than hunt them.

Putting a pond on your land does not mean you have to hire an expensive construction crew. You can simply find a small, low-lying area of your property and dig it out with a shovel. If necessary, you can line the hole with a pond liner. As a less expensive alternative to digging a pond, another good idea is to just place a large tub of water in the ground.

Deer Feeder

A third way to get deer out your property is to use a deer feeder. You can purchase one at a sporting goods retailer or make one yourself. The feeders are typically stocked with corn or special blends made especially for deer. An important point to remember is that using deer feeders to attract deer is not legal in all jurisdictions, so check your local laws before purchasing or building one.

Use these top tips to keep deer coming to your lands for years to come. Have fun and enjoy your deer watching! For more information, contact a company like Boss Buck.

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