What to Expect When Eating Cannabis Edibles

One of the best ways to enjoy recreational marijuana is as an edible. Dispensaries sell brownies, gummy bears, cookies, and a whole array of other snacks that are laced with THC. But what should you expect when you first try these edibles?

The high takes a while to develop.

If you have ever smoked cannabis, you know how quickly the high develops. It only takes a few minutes. Edibles are different. Your body must digest and absorb the active components in the weed. This takes at least a half hour, and sometimes up to two hours. Many people end up eating too much THC their first few times eating edibles because it takes longer to get high. They don't wait long enough to experience the effects before taking more. Eating too much likely won't cause any long-term harm, but it's not a pleasant feeling. Don't take more unless you've waited a full two hours and are still not feeling high. 

You'll feel a body high.

Expect to feel different not just mentally, but physically. You might feel as though your body parts are moving more slowly than they actually are. Or you might notice that your body feels exceptionally relaxed. This is one reason why edibles are so good for treating aches and pains. They truly ease muscle tension, which can reduce inflammation and discomfort for patients with conditions like arthritis.

Good edibles come labeled with the dosage.

These days, the edibles you buy at dispensaries are a far cry from the brownies your friends may have made in their kitchens as teens. The good ones come labeled with the amount of THC they contain. A good starting point, if you are new to edibles, is a treat that contains 5 mg of THC. This is enough to give most people at least a mild high, but not so much that it will make anyone "too" high. After you know how you react to 5 mg, you can adjust your dose from there.

The high will last a while.

This is not like smoking weed, where the high wears off after three or four hours. The high from eating edibles can last anywhere from six to 12 hours. So, make sure you have a good chunk of time set aside to enjoy the high. You don't want to still be high when you have to go to work or school the next day.

Contact a recreational cannabis dispensary for more information about edibles.

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