Tips For Purchasing Ammo For Your First Deer Hunting Trip

Deer hunting is a popular sport that many people look forward to each year. If you're new to hunting, particularly deer hunting, you may spend a lot of time and attention when choosing your firearm and the additional gear that you need for a successful hunting trip. As you prepare for your first deer hunting trip, don't forget to carefully select your ammunition. While having the right firearm is important, it is also essential to select the right ammo if you want to increase the likelihood of taking down multiple deer over the course of your trip. Use the following tips when buying ammo for your first deer hunting trip:

Know the Rules and Regulations of the Area Where You Will Be Hunting

Before you purchase any ammo, and ideally before you buy a firearm, you should always do some research about the area where you will be hunting. Some hunting areas allow the use of both shotguns and rifles, while other areas may have strict rules about the type of firearm that can be used. Likewise, many deer hunting areas also have rules in place about the type of ammunition that can be used when hunting deer. The last thing that you want is to buy ammo without knowing the rules and regulation only to show up to your hunting site and learn that the type of ammo that you have is not allowed.

Consider Distance

You will need to take the distance between you and the deer you're hunting when selecting the ammo that you need, as well as the best firearm to use. A good rule of thumb is that rifles are better suited for long distance shooting, while shotguns are preferred for short distances. If you plan on using a rifle for long distance shooting, always make sure that you select ammo that is the right caliber size. In addition to caliber, also consider the weight. When it comes to hunting deer with a rifle, a heavier bullet is preferred. A heavy bullet may travel slower than a lighter bullet, since it will have more penetration, thus making it more likely to take a deer down.

For short distance shooting with a shotgun, it is best to use either buckshot or rifled slugs to hunt deer. Buckshot is best if you will be hunting at distances less than a few dozen yards. If you plan for shooting slightly longer distances with your shotgun, opt for rifled slugs to improve the accuracy of each one of your shots. 

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