Pros And Cons Of Going Deer Hunting Alone

Many people view whitetail deer hunting as an activity to enjoy with family and friends and look forward to getting together for several days each year to hunt. If you're more of a solitary person and are getting into hunting, you might be curious about doing so alone. Even though many deer hunters hunt in groups, others hunt on their own — so you shouldn't feel as though this mindset is bizarre. Here are some pros and cons of solo deer hunting.

Pro: There's No Interference From Others

While there are certainly a lot of benefits to hunting deer in a group, there are also some challenges. If someone in your group is chatty, he or she may risk scaring any nearby deer away or preventing you from effectively tracking a deer because you're distracted. Similarly, if two people see a deer at the same time, there can sometimes be arguments over who gets to take the shot. When you hunt solo, you won't have any of these issues.

Con: It's More Physically Demanding

A big benefit of deer hunting with one or more fellow hunters is that you can help each other out. There are a lot of physical challenges during a day of hunting, including carrying gear, cleaning your prey, and carrying its meat to your vehicle. On your own, these things can be more difficult. For example, instead of skinning, gutting, and cleaning a deer that you've shot with the help of a partner, you'll be doing everything yourself.

Pro: It May Be More Recharging

Many people use deer hunting as a way to recharge. The idea of going out into the woods and focusing on the task at hand, rather than thinking about your everyday life, can often help you to emotionally feel better. Achieving this goal can be difficult when you're hunting with people. For example, if you have a fellow hunter who is constantly griping about work, his or her family, or politics, you might not get the recharging that you were hoping for.

Con: It's Not As Safe

People often favor hunting in at least pairs because of the safety element. Being out in the woods on your own is better if you're highly experienced, but there are always risks. Bears and wolves, for example, can be a threat, as can simple things such as getting lost or spraining your ankle. For example, if you were alone and sustained an ankle injury, you might have to navigate across several miles to get back to your vehicle.

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