Six Things You Can Do To Make Skydiving More Safe

Some individuals interested in skydiving are scared to do so because of safety concerns. However, skydiving is a very safe activity that provides an unforgettably thrilling experience.

If you are going skydiving for your first time, there are several things you can do to maximize safety during your experience. The following are six things you can do before your first skydive to maximize safety:

Familiarizing yourself with the dropzone beforehand

You'll be more confident about your first dive if you know the location of the dropzone. This will make you comfortable when you land and finish your jump because you'll know where you are and you'll know what to expect.

Ask questions beforehand about your dropzone so you'll know what you're looking out for during your jump and what your tandem dive instructor will be aiming for when it comes time to release your parachute if you're doing a tandem dive.

Investing in a good jumpsuit

Your jumpsuit is important to both your comfort and safety during your jump. Your jumpsuit needs to have a good fit. Also, your jumpsuit should not have any rips or tears in it that could allow for the penetration of air.

Make sure you carefully size and inspect your jumpsuit before your jump. 

Wearing goggles

Wearing goggles while skydiving is generally a good idea. Goggles are a safety measure that will allow for eye protection during the jump. While gloves are not technically required according to the rules in many areas, a lot of skydiving companies will require them, and they generally increase comfort during a first jump. 

Asking your instructor a lot of questions

You need to clarify any confusion you have before your first jump. The more you know, the safer and more comfortable you're going to be. Don't be shy. Ask questions and learn as much as you can before your first jump.

Making sure your harness fits appropriately

Fitting your harness properly is an important step in preparing to jump. Those who are skydiving independently their first time need to have their harness custom fit. Be patient and make sure your harness is properly adjusted by double and triple checking with your instructor beforehand.

Using a helmet

Using a helmet for a first jump is important when you're landing after your jump. During your first jump, you're still learning and you could land awkwardly. Wearing a helmet is important for protecting your head during landing until you can confidently land without falling down. 

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