Things to Consider When Picking Buy a Pool Table for Your Home

There are a few things to consider if you are considering buying a pool table or billiard table for your home. Understanding some details before you start shopping can help you make the right choice and get the perfect pool table for your home game room.

1. Table Size

When you start shopping for a pool table, you should consider current regulations. Be careful about this because regulation pool tables mean that the table is twice as long as it is wide. A seven, eight, or nine-foot table can all be regulation size, so if the salesman is trying to talk you into buying a larger table to be regulation size, they could be just trying to upsell their product. 

The size you choose should be one that fits in your room and allows enough space around the table to play comfortably. The recommended area around your new pool table is five feet from the table's edge to the wall. This allows the player enough room to use the pool queue without hitting the walls on the back stoke. 

2. Table Material

The tabletop on all high-quality pool tables is made from slate that is around one-inch thick. The slate needs to have the right thickness and density to ensure that the play area stays level and true, or your gameplay will be affected. A table that has even a little warp on the surface is not going to play well and for many people is not something they will play on even just for fun.

The felt that is installed over the plate is critical as well. The quality of the felt on your pool table needs to be durable and smooth so that it will stand up to gameplay without scratching and marking. Even a small imperfection in the tabletop can cause a ball to travel in a completely different path than what you intended it to and could completely change the game's outcome. 

3. Professional Installation

When you are buying a pool table for your home, it is a good idea to have a professional installer set the table up for you and make sure that it is level. Getting the pool table positioned correctly, leveled perfectly, and ready to play can take a little time. Because the slate and wood parts are heavy, the installer will often have a helper or another installer with them to ensure the job is done to your satisfaction

Many installers will set up a used pool table if you found a pool table for sale secondhand, and it is an excellent way to have the table inspected as it is set up. If there is any problem with the pool table, the installer will let you know and help fix it. For more insight, contact companies that sell 7' billiard tables. 

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