Hot To Handle Hot Tub Foam

Adding a hot tub to your home will give you hours of enjoyment and relaxation. However, one thing many owners encounter is foam buildup. Your hot tub may look clean and clear when the tub is turned off, but big towers of foam form whenever the water circulates. Fortunately, most foam problems are correctable and not harmful. Here are some reasons why your hot tub foams and some of the common remedies.

Common Foam Reasons

Most hot tub foaming is caused by an increase in dissolved solids. When the jets come on, these solids cause a foam. Here are some of the most common solids most likely to contribute to foaming.

Water Softener: If your water is too soft or has too much softener, then it throws off the hot tub's chemical balance. In the long run, soft water could cause premature equipment wear.

Soap in Bathing Suits: Soap residue in bathing suits builds up and can cause foaming, especially when the tub is heavily used. Dunking your head in the tub adds shampoos to the mix.

Lotions, Makeup, and Oils: The creams and makeup you use can contribute to foam and cause imbalance. Your body's own oils can also cause a problem.

Food and Beverages: Sugary and alcoholic drinks contribute to hot tub imbalance with every accidental spill.

Common Foam Remedies

Eliminating all contaminants may be difficult, but control is possible. Here are some ways to keep them at a minimum to reduce foam.

Shower Before Entering: Showering removes much of the soap, lotion, and oils that can cause foaming.

Keep Drinks Out of Tub: Don't have sugary or alcoholic drinks around the hot tub, or take extreme care if you do. Sugars can contribute to foam buildup and imbalance.

Test and Treat Water: Any time you've noticed a foaming problem, test and treat your water to check for hardness and unwelcome dissolved solids. Disinfect your hot tub regularly and consistently. Foam reducers are helpful but don't cure the actual problem.

Drain and Clean: Drain and clean your hot tub after a period of heavy use or every three or four months.

Use Quality Chemicals: Cheap products do not keep your hot tub clean and can actually contribute to foaming. Ensure you are using quality chemicals that do the job right.

Foaming water is a common problem with hot tubs, but if you identify the cause, you should have it under control and kept to a minimum. That way, you can get back to enjoying a good soak with your friends and family. If you are in the market for a new hot tub, or you need help maintaining one, then contact a hot tub supplier for more information.

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