Nutrition Plans For Endurance Athletes: Macro And Micro Clean Sourcing

If you're a serious endurance athlete, knocking out your biggest workouts can be tough. Nutrition plans for endurance athletes help you build the clean fuel you need to power through your most challenging workouts.

Here are some of the ways that nutrition plans for endurance athletes can help you chase down your goals.


The macronutrients of food include carbs, fats, and proteins. Fine-tuning your macronutrient sources and ratio can make a big difference in your performance and recovery.

Single Ingredient

Many nutrition plans for endurance athletes include highly-processed bars, shakes, powder, and Frankenstein-worthy concoctions. Although these products might fuel you, they can also include preservations and additives that make them less nutritionally dense. If you're looking for a nutrition plan with a cleaner approach to food, begin looking for single-ingredient sources of macronutrients. For instance, instead of snacking on an energy bar before your big workout, you might eat a whole-grain carbohydrate like oatmeal or quinoa. Making a switch to single-ingredient sources of macronutrients can make your food choices more intentional and give you more control over what you're putting into your body.

Blending Macros

Some nutrition plans follow a familiar pattern: carbs before a workout, protein after you're done, and maybe a little fat with your primary meal. This approach to nutrition does not acknowledge how your body uses macronutrients for fuel and recovery. For instance, including some protein with your carbohydrates can provide an immediate shot of glycogen to your liver. This means that your carbs will be easier for your body to use when ingested before or during your toughest workouts. Additionally, blending healthy fats with carbs can enhance your body's ability to recover.


Although they might be small in size, micronutrients should play a big part in your nutritional plan. Having the right ratio of micronutrients can mean the difference between bonking and crushing your next endurance workout.


Having the right blend of vitamins can make a big difference. Nutrition plans for endurance athletes should include foods and supplements for specific workouts. For instance, after a long run or ride, you might need more vitamin D and amino acids to repair muscle damage. The best nutrition plans for endurance athletes include menu items rich in these micronutrients. For clean sourcing, you might have a mixture of almonds, seeds, and dried fruits to deliver the micronutrients you need.  

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