3 Tips for Buying Your First Hunting Rifle

Hunting rifles are different from a lot of guns that most American's would be familiar with in that they are often seen more as tools rather than weapons. Of course, that does not mean they are not very dangerous firearms that need to have the same safeguards as all the others, but it does mean that what a prospective buyer is looking for is dramatically different from what someone who is looking for a handgun or a shotgun is interested in. Here are three tips for buying your first hunting rifle so that you get the gun that you are looking for.

The Size of the Hunter Determines the Rifle Size

Unlike many other types of guns out there that are universally operatable, hunting rifles vary a lot in their useability. Someone who is big and has wide shoulders can fire a hunting rifle that has a lot larger range and recoil than, say, a more wiry teenager who just turned 18 and is on their first trip. You should always go into the store and feel the rifles for yourself, and if possible you should try them out as well. If you can't handle the gun, you need to know before you buy it or you could spend hundreds of dollars on a firearm that is way too dangerous for you to use.

The Landscape Is Just as Important as Your Ability to Fire the Weapon

If you are hunting in an arid desert in the southwest then you will need a hunting rifle that is a lot different from the thick foliage in the pacific northwest and so on. If you are in a thicker shrub you want a hunting rifle with a shorter barrel so you can aim it quicker as game can come into sight very quickly. In more open environments, rifles with long barrels and big stocks are better because you cannot sneak up on animals with no surroundings to give you cover.

Your Firing Speed Also Affects Your Options

Hunting rifles come in all sorts of different combinations, with some being semi-automatic and others having the ability to only fire a single shot before a reload must occur. If you are a relatively new hunter, you might want a weapon that gives you some leeway in hitting the target and so a semi-automatic rifle makes more sense. If you are all about the experience and want a gun that is very reminiscent of those used thirty, forty, or even fifty years ago, then you might want to think about a bolt action rifle.

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